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Joomla and the new swale....

Alright folks here's the new and hopefully improved plan.... from here on out I'll be using the internal editor to post updates on the ins and outs of Swale.

Good point is that shortly I'll be adding NEW content.  OOOOh.  Feel the shine!  Right now I'm moving the old into the new and doing a bit of spring cleaning due to it.

State of the Swale

I'm still alive just not doing much with the goods right now.  Been more focused on a possible trip to Japan and the photography side of Swale.  I do have more shitajiki to scan but for now this is about all I have for updates.

Up to date

Up to date for now on the html side of things.


Only 2 so no cut tag.  Stigma and a doujin from Fururi/Chronolog


The changing look of Swale

Many of you will notice that when you visit Anime Swale you will not see your familiar start page.  Instead to accommodate the dual nature of the site I've made a splash page with info about both sides of the Swale coin.  If you enter Anime Swale through that page you will enter the familiar.  Sorry to tweak everything around but, those are the only two changed pages.

Holy Crap?!

Wow!  Amazing, and spectacular news!  All my HTML work is done.  100% finished no more hidden boards known only to you who check the updates.  now to upload it all.

Big Update

The package from Japan came.  Lots of shitajiki and not much time to do much with them except share for now.  Server is going down shortly so they might not even be visible for a little bit.  I have to rescan the Full Moon board had a little mini drive freeze while resizing it.

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