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Swale will be having some planned downtime November 3rd, 11pm - 2am MST.  Server is getting a file check and a bunch of other work done to it.


Major coding update tonight.  So major that I'm only 8 boards from being completely caught up with what I have scanned.  I have one A4 board I have to set up my old scanner for (internationally A4 does not equal what domestically we call A4 apparently).

I also got the links section back up and running.


Finally some Shitajiki as well

So it might seem like a spam night for updates but it has been a long while since Swale's collection has had anything to update.  Really it has been a dray spell for things that I would want to add and thus additions are few and far between.  Last weekend I met up with gekigengar3 and he brought me a nice sized packet with my Comiket goodies inside and a set I've been after with little or no luck in finding before at a price I would pay.

Here is the jewel of the shipment, a board from a circled called Nagomiko.  It is a very neat board in person and while pretty in a scan does nothing for what it really is.  Now singling this board out over a Tinerbell board beyond the cut is saying something because many of you know I'm downright mean about getting Tinkerbells and yammering on about how pretty their art is.

The rest of the partyCollapse )
The only problem I have right now is that the new scanner while saying it can scan A4 size is too small to can an A4 sized shitajiki.  Explain that one to me please.  So one board still to come.  Very nice fall one with reds, leaves, and an oni mask.



One teleka in the update:


Doujin Update

Two new ones tonight from Nagomiko


Mail Order Special Posting

Ever get that person that requests a box and you think are they paranoid or what?

A smashing and stab wound to the box later and I'm glad I had a well packed box

Web Site Stuff

Tonight is another round of attempting to get the site completely back up.  Sorry for all the bad links (some 531 hits to them this month v_v).  I'm working on patching that up as I said so hopefully everything will be right again for September.  Goals I say goals.


Big week here for the update. Not 1, but 2 TInks! W@W!

Click for kimonos and moreCollapse )


one teleka

Yu no hana (ゆのはな)


Clear files galore

I found where my missing clear files were.  I really did not know I had this many.

6 more clear filesCollapse )